How to join a WhatsApp group

How to join a Whatsapp group:

1: First open your browser (like Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser, and opera mini).
2: Type this URL link in the bar ( and press enter.
3: then a website launched on your browser. which have many posts of Whatsapp groups links (like          girls Whatsapp groups links, educational Whatsapp groups links, or other types of Whatsapp                groups links are also available)
4: click one of these posts.
5: Read the group's name carefully.
6: if you like one or more Whatsapp group links.
7: click on the join chat below the group name.
8: You were redirected to your Whatsapp.
9:Then click on join chat in your Whatsapp. You joined the Whatsapp group instant.
10: if you join more Whatsapp groups. again follow these steps.
11: share this website link to your friends and enjoy your life.